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  • "Human powered sun clock"
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Human powered sun clock

How it works?

If you want to make Human sundial at your location, we can provide easy to follow calculations for such a sun clock, that when laid out on the ground, a person stands on the current month and their shadow cast on the ground tells the time. More details in broschure which can be dowloaded here. You can download Powerpoint presentation with detailed notes here. Children & people like interaction and this is what a "Human Sundial“ is all about. The persons shadow tells time. Play video below (be sure that CC - subtitles are ON) for more details.


What you get?

You get six pages in PDF format that includes:

a) Precise, step-by-step instructions how to „transfer“ layout plan on the ground, written in a way that 12-year old children can follow it without any problems.

b) Longitude correction for your time zone along (so your sunclock will tell exact zone time, not Sun time)

c) Precise instructions on how to determine true north using a table of times of local noon for every day of the year. This is essential for determining true north, because magnetic compass is not accurate enough!

d) Date scale measurements for months of the year

e) Hourly point measurements X and Y

f) Enlarged view of date scale

Also, you get Layout overview - scaled A4 format page, which, when glued to cardboard and pointed north, using stick or pencil to cast shadow, can be accurate model for every student!

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For inside view of school project play video: